Extreme Targeting

At ADM, we don’t believe in simple target marketing, but custom mailing list solutions that make your results soar. That’s why we spend significant time researching mailing list possibilities and analyzing your current customers to ensure the most effective direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail Results Impact by Category

That’s right, 65% of the results of any campaign is due to the direct mail list you use!
Trust ADM to be your experts in providing a custom mailing list with winning results.

3 Ways For More Responsive
Targeted Mailing Lists


We go far beyond normal data targeting. Using 4,000 laser-focused selects based on demographics, credit card purchases, smart phone app usage and more. We can reach all sorts of people, such as those who shop for foreign cars, are esports fans, fitness warriors, or frequent specific types of restaurants. You name it, there’s a custom mailing list for it.


If your company relies on local traffic to store location(s), you may have tried EDDM or other blanket diect mail lists. But there’s a better way. With Anti-Targeting, we use a hybrid Occupant/Consumer database to retain the lowest postage while removing poor performing prospects, like low-income households or those where the minimum age is 80+.

Data Modeling

Want a great way to find a targeted custom mailing list? Send us your current customer list and we’ll use predictive modeling to find prospects just like them. We analyze customers based on who they are and where they live to discover which attributes matter most. We can even create a 100-page document detailing the specifics of your customers.

Compiled vs. Response Lists

Compiled Lists

A compiled list is created through the combination of many data sources. For example, a white page listing might be combined with a database of birthdays and another database of boatowners to create a list of people who own boats and whose birthdays are approaching.

Response lists

A response list is simply respondents to something specific, such as subscribers to the Wall Street Journal or get the L.A. Times delivered to their homes. Response lists are expensive, but a great way to find a very specific group of people.

Over the years, compiled lists have become composed of a vast number of sources allowing them to be nearly as specific as response lists at a third cost. That being said, there are still times when a response list is the perfect tool for attaining direct mail success.