Tracking and Improving

Direct mail tracking is about more than knowing the response rate of a marketing campaign. We follow each mail piece all the way to delivery and track every test iteration to see what works and what doesn’t. After each campaign, we measure, adjust and improve.

Mail Piece Scan by Date

Delivery Performance

Tracking Increases Efficiency &
Improves Results

Tracking ongoing
Direct Mail Campaigns

Real-time direct mail tracking tells our customers when results will hit. This allows them to have their sales floor rooms ready for an influx of calls. With your web account, you can track all your ongoing jobs without extra cost or hassles.

Improving on existing
Direct Mail Campaigns

There is no point in testing unless you meticulously track the results of each item that is being tested. ADM will help you by suggesting unique phone numbers and barcodes for best tracking methods. By determining what works, you can improve future direct mail efforts.

“What gets measured gets

Peter Drucker,
The Founder of Modern Management